Days remaining until Baja Beach Fest:

Transportation details

Please read this blog post if you are not staying within walking distance of the festival, for example, in Tijuana or at an Airbnb community during Baja Beach Fest weekend. 

With so many attendees we wanted to make sure to provide a few different options for getting around the weekend of the festival. For all solutions, give yourself time to get to the festival as high demand and traffic may cause some delays.

Main Transportation solutions in place are:

  1. Shuttles (Shuttle Pass purchase required)
  2. Taxis
  3. Mannix (A company that provides private drivers on a reservation basis)
  4. Taxi Loop
  5. Parking

We have created a shuttle system that will take attendees to and from the festival grounds. 
A shuttle pass includes a round trip to and from the festival on both Friday and Saturday, and costs $40. The shuttles have 3 main pick-up locations for attendees to choose from. 

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Shuttle Pick-Up Locations:

1. Pueblo Amigo Hotel in Tijuana (View Map
2. Plaza Monumental in Playas Tijuana (Bullring by the Sea) (View Map
3. Las Gaviotas in Rosarito (View Map

Shuttle Pick-Up TIMES:
These times are for both Friday and Saturday for all 3 Locations.
11 AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 6PM & 7PM

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IMPORTANT: Shuttle Process in Detail

  1. When you purchase a shuttle ticket you will select a pick-up location and the specific pick-up time you would like (each time slot has limited inventory). 
  2. On Friday, Aug. 16th you will meet at the Shuttle pick-up location 15-minutes before your selected shuttle time. Baja Beach Fest staff will be there to verify your order matches the shuttle time and then will grant you your Shuttle Wristband for the weekend. Do not remove your Shuttle Wristband. To get your Shuttle wristband make sure to have your ID and your Eventbrite QR code for your Shuttle Pass ready and available. 
  3. All shuttles on Friday will stop by Check-In (Baja Convention Center) for attendees to pick up their Baja Beach Fest wristbands and Afterparty wristbands (if applicable). They will then go straight to the festival.  Allow time for this stop when selecting your Shuttle Time. And then you’re off to the festival!
  4. Do not miss your pick-up time, this is very important - there is no guarantee of entry if you miss your bus.
  5. On Saturday, you will again meet up at your selected pick-up location 15 minutes before your selected pick-up time, with your Shuttle Wristband already on from the day before, and you will then go straight to the festival grounds.

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After the Festival:

Once the festival is over, all shuttles will be ready to take attendees back to their original pick-up location at two different times: 1 AM & 3 AM. The return shuttles are first come first serve, if you arrive too late to get on a return shuttle you will be directed to use our Taxi Loop.

You will simply show your Shuttle Wristband to get onto the return Shuttle. 
If you want to leave the festival earlier or later, you will need to utilize our Taxi Loop to take you back to your accommodations.

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Shuttle Recommendations:

  1. If you want to enjoy the entire festival experience, make sure to pick an earlier shuttle time. 

  2. If you are not staying at Pueblo Amigo hotel or near Plaza Monumental but you are staying at another partnered hotel in TJ, get a quick Taxi to Pueblo Amigo or Plaza Monumental (whichever is closer to your hotel) to get to the pick-up location. 

    You can contact the front desk of your hotel to have them call/request a taxi for you.

Mannix is a private driver company that we are working with to take groups to and from the festival. Mannix offers cars and vans to take groups on a reservation basis. Your driver will be ready to pick you up at your reservation time to take you to the festival and then again after the festival.

This is the best option for large groups or those staying in remote vacation rentals. Please make your reservation by emailing as soon as possible. They have a limited number of drivers, so the sooner you reach out to make your reservation the better, a minimum of 4 days before the festival is required. 

We strongly recommend large groups to consider arranging and reserving a private driver for the weekend. 

To book your private driver, please email and make a reservation at least 4 days prior to the festival.

NOTE: Due to the high demand, please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Taxis in the area have been notified of the high volume of attendees and the demand that will be coming through the weekend of Baja Beach Fest. 

Taxis will be available at all partnered hotels. If you are staying at a partnered hotel contact the concierge/front desk and have them schedule/call a taxi for you to the festival. While there may be no wait, make sure to give time for the taxi to arrive if they aren’t already there.

For those staying in Airbnb communities looking to go to the festival by taxi, we recommend you call a taxi to pick you up, as sometimes Airbnbs are in more remote areas.

We have a Taxi Loop in service at the festival to make drop-off and pick-ups easy. At the end of the festival or afterparties, simply follow the signs for the Taxi Loop station. 
This Taxi Loop will also serve to take the people who parked at one of our festival parking lots to and from the Festival and its Parking lots for $2 each way.

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There will also be Baja Beach Fest parking lots near the festival for those who are not drinking and decide to drive to the festival. Parking will cost $7 a night. 
Our Taxi Loop will take people to and from the parking lots to the festival for $2 each way, per person. You can pick up your vehicle in the morning, if needed. Parking spots are limited.


The Baja Beach Fest team is excited to welcome you this August 16th & 17th. If you have any questions up until the festival, please email Lastly, keep an eye on your inbox as the festival approaches for more informational content on the festival.